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Composers; , Amy Cooper, Dave Saronson, Jason Portnoy, Matt Bresia

Lyricist: Dave Saronson

Scores N Cues creates all original music for film, television, trailers, web commercials, and tv media ads.  Vocals and instrumentals are made to your specifics. We are a full service music production house. The goal is to create a memorable, and timeless result for you. Licensing made easy.

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Films, Docu-series, Festival Films, Media Ads

Scores N Cues will provide you with  professionally produced custom music to match the visuals in your project.


Obliquity; Images Of The Unknown
Feature Film

The music and sound design reflects the fear, evil and tender moments in the plot of the film. Scores N Cues created compelling music and sounds to match the goals of the director.

My Vacation In LA 2  Commercial

My Vacation In LA  2- Docu-series

This project has become a favorite among fans with its EDM dance tracks.  Scores N Cues is proud to be a part of this multi-series documentary about exciting LA sites.



When mind and music come together, a masterful project is the end result. The score is dramatic, eerie, and tender with harmonious melodies that transcend its theme.



Classical Crossover music was created for this festival film comedy.

The Dream ._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_.jpg

The Dream

2015 Award winning fantasy film, "The Dream." A fantasy martial arts comedy. Magical and exciting with original classical crossover music.

LA Vacationwp-1466481339136.png

My Vacation in LA Top 10 Countdown

Docu-series featuring the top 10 LA locations. Scores N Cues Music produced the classical crossover and EDM songs. Projects

Interactive Films


Scores N Cues has experience working with a wide variety of films. The goal is to create an emotive music experience.

Choices- An Interactive Film

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Custom Music for Film/Television/Trailer/Web/Media/Games


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